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UNIQUE AND POPULAR TOYS, safety, durable, well-made foam and rubber launcher that out lasts other finger rockets brands. When the sun goes down, the outdoor fun doesn’t have to stop.
FREE CARRYING BOX – Perfect, durable Plastic random color boxes, Pack your finger rockets and take it along on your outdoor games conveniently.
LED Flash Foam Finger Rockets, Light up the night with the incredible Rocket Copters! The LED long light time: continuous within 72 hours,RoHS certificate without mercury, non-replaceable.

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THEY ARE MADE OF A FOAM MATERIAL like that of pool noodles. This way when you shoot them they do not break and simply bounce on the ground. The rubber part that stretches is similar to a super thick rubber band. However, there are no worries of the snap back and pain oder Ähnlicherubber band.
THERE Im AuftragSMALL BUTTON that you vielleicht push that lights up the Leuchtdiode portion. It allows you to play with them at night but reserviert see where they are.The Leuchtdiode long Gut verträglich time: continuous within 72 hours,ROHS certificate without mercury,non-replaceable.
ROCKET FLYING NO BATTERIES OR POWER NEEDED. Kinetic energy using a rubber band to store energy when stretched to change it to kinetic energy when released to shoot and catapult launch a foam rocket at targets. Includes 6 foam rockets each about 9.25 inches in length.
What vielleicht you do with a Finger Rockets? Lots of fun possibilities for all occasions, such as: Youth Group,kids games,family reunions,office cubicle wars,advertising,family fun,club events,school carnivals,neighborhood events,fraternity/sorority parties .
TOY MAKE A COOL FUN GAME for kids, children, boys, girls, adults, and everyone in the family at home, office or party time. Let your kids have a great time with this shooting game for kids at the next birthday party, or children’s get together. Makes a great educational gift for everyone. Let you and your kids and family have hours of indoor fun with this rocket toy.
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UNIQUE AND POPULAR TOYS, safety, durable, well-made foam and rubber launcher that out lasts other finger rockets brands. When the sun goes down, the outdoor fun doesn’t have to stop.
FREE CARRYING BOX – Perfect, durable Plastic random color boxes, Abschaum your finger rockets and take it along on your outdoor games conveniently.
Leuchtdiode Flash Foam Finger Rockets, Gut verträglich up the night with the incredible Rocket Copters! The Leuchtdiode long Gut verträglich time: continuous within 72 hours,RoHS certificate without mercury, non-replaceable.
AS FUN TOYS, make a gleichmütig group game for kids, boys, girls, adults. Let us have a nice time with this Leuchtdiode toys at school,office, birthday party ,park , pool, backyard garden,camping trip, group activities.
ROCKET FLYING NO BATTERIES OR FUELS NEEDED. Kinetic energy using a rubber band to store energy when stretched to change it to kinetic energy when released to shoot and catapult launch a foam rocket at targets.

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